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As you adapt to living with pain, you often have to give up activities and roles that you truly enjoy. The more you give up your roles and activities, the more you may find that you feel low about yourself. The way you feel about yourself, is often referred to as self esteem.


  • Is how you honestly feel about & value yourself
  • Chronic Pain can negatively impact self-esteem
  • Healthy self-esteem increases confidence & problem-solving ability, and improves personal relationships

Ways to enhance your self-esteem & feelings of self-worth:

  Existing thought Replacement thought
Example I can’t do anything because I am in pain and that makes me worthless I can still do things, I just have to modify my activities; this makes me feel valuable.
Your thought #1
Your thought #2


Change your behavior . Structure your day to include pleasant activities.

Activities that you enjoy doing:


make healthy lifestyle choices

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