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You may notice that lately you are not doing the things that you once did. It does not have to be this way, you can still do the activities that you did prior to experiencing pain, just make some simple modifications.

Stay active by modifying your activities:

  • Pace yourself: Break apart lengthy activities, as these tend to deplete energy.
  • Adapt: Finding creative ways to do tasks using technology and assistive devices
  • Delegate: If you find an activity too difficult or physically demanding, ask for help or assign it to someone else.
Modification Before you experienced pain Now
Pace yourself Spend entire day planting garden Spend 1-2 hrs daily over 3-4 days
Adapt Activity Chop/dice veggies w/knife for dinner Use a food processor to assist with chopping
Delegate Take out the trash, regardless of how heavy it is Bag and collect all trash, but asked a loved one to take it out, because it is just too heavy

Some simple ways to modify your day

Maintain good posture– don’t overreach or twist Bend your knees, not your back
Work sitting down when possible (use foot stool to keep knee level w. hips) Push rather than pull heavy objects
Change positions & stretch every 20 minutes

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